We have a Full Selection of Locomotives, Valves and all the Trimmings
Welcome to A & K LOCOMOTIVE & Live Steam Supplies Co.
We have a full line of Locomotives, Fittings, and all you need to maintain your Hobby or Commercial Miniature Railway.
We also carry a full line of water treatment for backyard railroad as well as commercial operation. We have fittings from table top, 3/4" scale, 1" scale, 1 1/2" scale, 2 1/2" scale, up to 5" grand scale as well as full size live steam. We also have a full line of Injectors and Lubricators for you to choose from. We have a full line of Gas, Battery, and Steam Powered Locomotives.
Recent News
Pictured above is the Pearl in either 4 3/4" gauge or 7 1/2" gauge for your railroad. May be set up for coal or gas firing and is quite easy to operate.
We are now the Distributor for Dallee and Phoenix Sound System for table top and ride on. Please contact us for your specific needs.
Pictured below is the Lil' Joe in 2 1/2" Scale and 7 1/2" Gauge. It may be equipped with Coal or Propane Gas Firing. Other styles and wheel arrangements are available.
The 1" scale Electric Locomotive Planet with Tender type riding car behind this powerful little engine. This is one of our favorites!
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