A all Copper Boiler built to operate at 100 psig with 5.91" Drivers. A ride on tender for an easy ride and designed for years of trouble free service. Will easily haul a half dozen adults on level track. Coal firing is this Steamers standard yet may be fitted with a very efficient Propane Gas Burner for an additional fee. Please feel free to contact us for pricing and delivery time. Other designs are available.
Maxitrak Narrow Gauge 2 1/2" Scale Coal or Gas Fired Steamer
We also have the Planet in 1" scale 4 3/4" gauge or 2 1/2" scale 7 1/2" gauge. We have Battery and gasoline power in the larger version. Contact us for pricing and delivery time on the engine and tender.
The tried and true Maxitrak Lil' Jo is a proven design that has been around for years. Multiple wheel arrangements are available. Our favorite is the 2-4-0 with tender. You decide as well as coal firing with the option of a Propane Gas Burner. 7 1/2" gauge is the standard on this Steamer.
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Maxitrak USA
Maxitrak Planet 1 and 2 Live Diesel
Maxitrak 2-4-2 Steamer
Maxitrak Lil' Jo Live Steamer Option


Our Special Live Steam Coal Fired Special 1" Scale 4 3/4" Gauge